Land Of Luna.


October 2016

♥ Poetry Anthology: 3 ♥

I kept waiting for a person...  I kept waiting for a person. As if i'd be walking on the corner or sitting in a coffee shop and i'd maybe bump into them, and that would be the beginning of everything.... Continue Reading →


♥ Poetry Anthology:2 ♥

May you truly find happiness in everything you do 💕 May this come to you in good health and in a good state, May you implement this message that I have made... *** May your faith always be straight. May you... Continue Reading →

♥ Poetry Anthology: 1 ♥

Feelings.💔 *** I am screaming, shouting, begging, pleading. Why wont anyone hear. I am sobbing, weeping; an emotional wreck. Why is no one near. 'I'm here, here' a distant sound murmurs delicately into my soul.'I've been here all along waiting... Continue Reading →

❤️ Wattpad ❤️

Hello everyone, hope your all well. I have recently joined a book community called 'Wattpad' which i find absolutely AMAZING! You should definitely check it out it is my new obsession also i have decided to (finally) put my writing... Continue Reading →

|The Beginning|

"Well, how shall I begin " I thought without really thinking *hmm maybe the beginning* sarcastically remarks my subconscious "ah yes the beginning probably a good idea" well here goes...: It was one warm and snug night in my bed,wearing... Continue Reading →

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