“Well, how shall I begin ” I thought without really thinking *hmm maybe the beginning* sarcastically remarks my subconscious “ah yes the beginning probably a good idea” well here goes…:

It was one warm and snug night in my bed,wearing my comfortable pajamas, my phone laying stranded by my bedside table as I abandoned it not so long ago when a random thought randomly popped in to my already too clustered mind; a blog what would it be like to have a blog where people could, and maybe would, read my blogs how would it feel to have people comment good (or bad nonetheless comments) to me from all over the world and I wouldn’t even have to get off of my bed *excuse me my lazy side tends to almost always be imprinted in my writing*. Comments which would make me feel a whole mob of different thoughts and feelings which would add up to my already filled to the max brain, comments which would make me feel either warm and content or comments which would help me change myself as a person and benefit my writing. I was beyond curious and was itching to grab my phone to find a way to have that and that’s how my journey begins on entering the world of a blogger.

So since you now know the whole ‘beginning’ of my journey into the blogging world how about I introduce myself. However I am (unfortunately) not the MOST interesting person and I’m no Zoe Sugg (aka zoella) either or I may not produce the most magnificent pieces of work however I shall definitely try with my utmost effort and maybe just maybe produce a book or two in the future – on saying that I will begin to actually introduce myself :P.

I am

  • ~ A female
  • ~ Born in the USA however raised and now live in England

I love:

  • ~ ❤︎ Reading ❤︎
  • ~ ❤︎ Writing ❤︎
  • ~ ❤︎ Binge Watching Supernatural/Drama Tv shows ❤︎
  • ~ ❤︎ Sketching ❤︎

So to conclude and make a point on this seemingly never-ending ramble I seem to have everything bottled up and kind of want someone to listen and hear me out, not to be ungrateful I have wonderful friends and family, however I have never had the right pair of ears so I would just put it into a bundle of unfinished poems and occasional books. I’ve been suggested many things; A journal, friends and family to listen however none of which seemed to succeed. Moreover, I shall be putting it all here and will be keeping my fingers crossed that someone will actually read it and (not weep) give me feedback and comment! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME ! Have a Bright and Beautiful day

-Writer by day. Reader by night

~Luna xoxo