May you truly find happiness in everything you do 💕

May this come to you in good health and in a good state, May you implement this message that I have made…


May your faith always be straight.

May you never pretend that you are what you aint.

May your friends be real and never be fake.

May you rise above all the hate.

May you never drown in the society’s so-called ‘escape’.

May your health always be great.

May you always have food on your plate.

May depression, anxiety and negativity never reach your way.

May you never feel physical or emotional pain.

May your heart and soul never ever ache.


May you never be outclassed.

May you never get harassed.

May all good things stay from your beginning to your last.

May you never get surpassed.

May you inevitably be steadfast.

May all your impediments pass.

May you receive everything that you ask.

May all obstacles be removed from your path.

May you never have regret for your past.

And as you travel down your personal path, May you always have a reason to laugh!


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May you truly find happiness in everything you do 💕

Written by – yours truly (Me)

~Luna xoxo