I kept waiting for a person… 💕

I kept waiting for a person.
As if i’d be walking on the corner or sitting in a coffee shop
and i’d maybe bump into them,
and that would be the beginning of everything.

I kept waiting for a person…
and the seasons were passing me by
and before i knew it
the leaves were on fire.
And the clouds were rolling in,
and soon enough,
rain-pattered nights became a familiar sound
and i was so captivated.
With the grey skies and the warm hues of autumn.
I was in love.

I had been waiting for a person for so long
that i failed to see
that Septembers and Octobers were all i ever really needed.
And it never even occurred to me until now but,
maybe soul mates…


…aren’t always people?”


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P.S These anthologies will include all types of poetry; ones i have written and ones i have fallen in love with, which is why some of the poetry will be labelled “unkown” if it is not written by me.

With love, always. 💕

Written by – unknown

~Luna xoxo