I would express my true feelings to the ones that I ‘hold dear’.

Not behind any facades or being in constant fear,

That I am not good enough, pretty enough ‘like-them’ -enough.

I would be as light as a feather,

As free as a bird.

No worries in the world. With nothing left to lose


I would inform Her that…

I am not perfect. My apology.

I will not become a mathematician, scientist and scholar and have the greatest degree.

I will not be compared no longer to all those. I am my own body.

I will speak. And say it bluntly

I will not be told that all my aspirations can not be.

I want to be set free.

I want to … learn and embrace my beauty.

I will be me! That is the only person I have learnt to be. Why cant you just see that…

This is me. That is all i’ll ever be.



If only…

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– With love always. ♥

~Luna xoxo ♥