I do not believe in regret. I have learnt the hard way that whats done is done and there’s no going back; regret will only make it worse. So to reduce the amount of negativity that already tends to cloud my mind, I try to not overthink/regret as much as possible. I mean, why would you want to fret about the past when your living in the present and the future still lies ahead??

I am not saying that i never ever regret, I just feel its good to get into the habit of not regretting, learning from your mistakes and taking them as lessons so you don’t feel absolutely crappy about it in the end.

So as per usual here is a collection of little poems about regret:


Except your past with no regrets,

Handle your present with confidence,

And face your future with no fear.


Laugh your heart out,

Dance in the rain,

Cherish the moment,

Ignore the pain,


Forgive and Forget,

Life is too short to be living with regret!


No regrets… Just lessons

No worries… Just acceptance

No expectations… Just gratitude

Live life to the fullest!


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With love, always. 💕

Written by – unknown💕

~Luna xoxo 💕