Well it is 12:00 while I’m writing this. Which means it is OFFICIALLY MY BIRTHDAY!!! 😀

Although, I am not going to put my age I assure you that I am in fact still in my teens!

I Feel as though not much has happened this year, beside the fact that my relationships with my friends have become better.

I’m thankful for living another year!


As for my absence, well I have not already abandoned this blog, I’ve just been really really ill and  I am aware that the challenge has more or less failed but I will try my best to continue 😦


Birthdays are a blessing in disguise,
The greatest gift around,
May you receive this gift for years,
May your birthday blessings abound.

Count each birthday as a miracle,
Forget the candles on your cake,
Every special day you celebrate,
Adds up to the difference you make.


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With love, always. 💕

Written by – unknown💕

~Luna xoxo 💕