Land Of Luna.




Hey guys! Sooooo , I feel like I haven't posted in forever- which it is frankly the truth. I'm really disappointed for not completing the #NaBloPoMo challenge however there really was nothing I could do about it. The reasons were that sadly my... Continue Reading →


NaBloPoMo 2016

I have officially Joined the NaBloPoMo 2016 of This years November. What is NaBloPoMo you ask? Well, every November, thousands of bloggers pledge to post every single day (yep, weekends too) for National Blog Posting Month. It's about creatively challenging yourself.... Continue Reading →

❤️ Wattpad ❤️

Hello everyone, hope your all well. I have recently joined a book community called 'Wattpad' which i find absolutely AMAZING! You should definitely check it out it is my new obsession also i have decided to (finally) put my writing... Continue Reading →

|The Beginning|

"Well, how shall I begin " I thought without really thinking *hmm maybe the beginning* sarcastically remarks my subconscious "ah yes the beginning probably a good idea" well here goes...: It was one warm and snug night in my bed,wearing... Continue Reading →

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